Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sock for Soldiers

There is little in more controversial in the US than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of how one feels about the wars, there is one thing that all are in agreement with--the soldiers must have our support.
Here is one way knitters have to support the troops--Sock For Troops. This group is collecting hand knit black socks to send to the troops oversees. Fancy not required--it's even not accepted. To get more information, contant Sockforsoldiers at Yahoo Groups!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Knitting Recipient

When the flooding ended in July, a little kitten was found in someone's backyard. After a while, the person who found him decided he couldn't keep the little furball, so one of my coworkers took him. She and her husband named the wee one Noah.

It is tradition that I knit a blankie for the new kitties (and even one baby mouse) who find their ways into the lives of people I know. And Noah was no exception. His mom's favorite color is green, so this green alpaca and acrylic blankie became Noah's. As you can see, he likes it a lot.