Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell Furry Friend

Ewenice T. Bunet died sometime Tuesday early evening. I found her body under the bed. She had not come when I called her for dinner, which was quite unusual. It appears as though she got stuck, though it was her favorite place to nap, so it was not unfamiliar territory.

She was only ten months old, and I had her for only four. I feel so guilty. I can only hope that she knew how much I love her.

Ewe used to chase poor Eddie around. I seriously think she was in love with him. It didn't matter to her that he was a cat and much bigger than she. Oh, Ed would act annoyed, but since she died, he keeps wandering around, looking for her. All of the cats (except Tom) do. Poor Norman went over to where her cage had been and lay on the floor. It was like he was paying homage. Actually, I think he'll miss the hay he used to steal from her hay bin. I won't miss having to clean up his hayballs.

Some people don't understand the bunny as pet concept. I think they must still think of bunnies as outdoor animals kept in wooden hutches. Let me tell you, bunnies make great indoor pets. Ewenice was a joy: so sweet, so funny, so loving. I loved watching her hop/run through the house when I let her out every morning.

So long, sweet Ewenice. Please know that we all loved you, and still do. I'm sure Lily was there to help you cross the Rainbow Bridge. She'll keep you safe and make sure you're loved.