Sunday, April 17, 2005

Knitting ghosts

I swear I must have knitting ghosts around here. I went looking for my Knit Cards and my Knitter's Companion and cannot find either one anywhere! I am pretty sure that the cats didn't take them--that opposible thumb thing. Then I decided to look for a skein of lavendar yarn. I bought it because it was lavendar and until the other day, didn't have a clue what to make with it. Well, it has vanished as well.
The one thing I do know is that the ghosts must be quite talented.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

UFO night

Well, Monday was UFO night, and I worked on my poncho again. As I sat there watching 24 and knitting away, I kept thinking about what a lousy day I had and how soothing it actually was sitting there with my 6 cats knitting--well, I was knitting, they were sleeping. It really is a wonderful way to relax.
Now I want to learn to spin. I went to my LYS tonight after yet another crappy day at work (are we seeing a trend here) and bought some fiber and a drop spindle. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Well, it seems to be true. I do have a blog. And thank you to everyone who visited and left comments.
Now, on to the knitting.
Monday was UFO night. Lily (one of the furr kids--the meow variety) and I sat an watched 24 while I worked on my poncho. As the action on the show increased, so is my knitting speed. Amazing how much I got accomplished.
I am actually thinking of taking a knitting class. Big step for me, but I think it might be necessary unless I want to knit scarves for the rest of my life--not that there's anything wrong with that!
Off to feed the cats and work on my poncho. Wonder what's on TV . . .

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I think I have a blog

I hate being left out, so I now have a blog--I hope. Obviously I am new at this, so it will take me some time to figure it all out. If you have suggestions or can offer assistance, FEEL FREE!!
Why do I have a blog you might ask. Nosey. No, seriously, because I want to. That should be reason enough.
Anyway, I love to knit, and since the knitting blog sites seem to have the cutest little buttons, I decided to make mine knitting related. I am a self-taught knitter and still learning. Since my skills are somewhat (OK, very) limited, I try to keep to simple stitch patterns. I am a really big fan of the garter stitch.
OK, all for now. Let me know if you stopped by.