Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

I was looking online for an image for a new business venture (as if I don't have enough irons in the fire) and came across this image. It's so beautiful and peaceful. I know some knitters get very intense when they work on their projects, but that's usually not me. I'm looking for a way to relax. Eventually, after some fits and starts, I get a rhythm going with my needles, and I sit back and let the yarn flow. Sometimes I get so relaxed I fall asleep, but that's just me. Even if the cats are running around the house like lunatics and television is blaring, my knitting and I can be peaceful.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Knitting, Crocheting, and 24

The weather mavens are predicting that temperatures won't make it out of the 20s most of this week. I hope that this will give me the kick in the hind end to finish my sweater. Fingers crossed.

The new Lion Brand catalogue came yesterday. It seemed as though most of the patterns I really liked were crochet. Each knitting magazine I pick up seems to have increasing numbers of crochet patterns in them. I must admit that it irks me a lot. I buy a knitting magazine because I want to knit--not crochet. But, I'm having second thoughts. I used to crochet, but I haven't for many years. Perhaps I should pick it up again.

Tonight is the first part of the season premiere of 24. Yee-haw! Last year I got most of my knitting done during the show. Of course it had to be something easy, since I got engrossed in the plot. The more intense the action got on the show, the quicker I knitted!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

SP9 Goodies

Greetings from balmy New York--it's January 6 and 60 degrees! The unseasonable weather has certainly not been conducive to me getting the incentive to finish knitting my sweater.

I received my latest package from my SP9 pal. She always remembers the cats, and I'm not sure who is more excited when a package arrives--me or the seven furballs.

Anyway, I got some Cat Butt gum (I smelled it before popping a piece in my mouth) and beautiful yarn that would certainly make some snazzy socks (providing I ever learn how to knit them). I love merino wool, and this purple/blue combo is gorgous. The silk yarn is yummy, too. I just love rubbing it against my skin.

As for Herman, Eddie, Clarence, Purrl, Marlin, Norman, and Phoebe, they got a catnip mouse and a package of Greenies! They are happy campers.

Oh, and of course everything was wrapped in purple paper and put in a purple bag. She thinks of everything.

And, completely off topic, Eddie celebrated his 5th birthday on January 3. Not bad considering some thought he wouldn't make it to his first!