Friday, January 04, 2008

My First Socks and So Much for Resolutions

Well, they're my first socks knit in the round. They are the Heelless Spiral Socks from Easy Knit Socks. I used my favorite technique--Magic Loop. I swear if it weren't for ML I'd not be able to make socks. Okay, I could use the 2 circs method, but I hate spending money to buy things twice.

I set a knitting goal for myself--knit only from my stash. That lasted until January 3. I knit a pair of mittens for my SIL for Christmas. She loved them so much she asked if I'd make a pair for her granddaughter and another pair for her. I had the yarn in my stash for the little girl's pair, but I had to buy yarn for my SIL. She had requested special colors. So, I'm not taking total responsibility for breaking my resolution!