Monday, December 04, 2006

Looking for a knitting way to make a difference?

If you're looking for a way to make an international difference, please consider the following, which was posted on an e-mail list to which I belong:

This is a project to bring warm items to children in

What is needed: knitted hats, scarves, mittens,
gloves, vests, & sweaters. Natural fiber preferred,
wool in particular. Lama Gursum is taking these items
to a small rural school in a remote part of Tibet.

Learning will be so much easier for these children
when they are warm!

Thank you and bless you for your much needed help.

If you wish you can include a picture and or note from
yourself for the child receiving your gift.

Items need to get to Pam by the end of February 2007,
her address is:

Lama Gursum
C/O Pam Zobar
836 East Cinnabar Phoenix, AZ 85020

If you need to speak to Pam her phone # is

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