Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My knitting mojo seems to have returned. I think much of the reason is that I'm deadline knitting for a designer I respect very much. I already feel as though I've let her down, because life threw in some curveballs that let me get behind schedule.

I've never really lost my knitting mojo before, and I'd prefer not to do so again. I have started thinking about knitting in a different way. It isn't a cure-all, a panacea; there is no such thing. What it has been for me is a constant. No matter what else was going on in my life, there's been a knitting project (OK, many more than one) that I could pull out and work on. It was something I could control. For the last month, I've felt a lack of control in some of the major areas of my life. They seemed to be issues too big for even knitting to provide relief.

Oh, things haven't settled that much, and there are still things that I have no control over. Funny thing, though. I think that's called life. No one has control over every aspect of life. If someone claims to, he or she is either lying to you or to themselves. But, when I picked up my knitting needles again, it just felt right. I had found an old friend.


Knit Witch said...

Awesome!! Congrats!

weebug said...

that darn thing called life, getting in the way. the noive.