Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mean Girls, Mean Girls, Watcha Gonna Do? Mean Girls, Mean Girls

Well, if you're a Mean Girl, or even just aspire to be one, I suggest you check out the Mean Girl Yarn Club.

The Mean Girls' Yarn Club is the brainchild and joint plotting of two of the hottest dyers working today. Laura Wilson-Martos, KnottyLa, is the force behind Dizzy Blonde Studios. Bobbie Bowles is the KnittyKnitterton in KnittyKnitterton's House of Awesome. They know beautiful yarn when they create it.

What exactly does it mean to be a member of the Mean Girls' Yarn Club? Of course, it means you've embraced your inner Mean Girl. But, it also means that you'll be in for a year (6 shipments) of gorgeous sock yarn. It's an exclusive club--only 50 will be allowed in. And you won't get just yarn, though that would certainly be enough. Oh no, the Mean Girls' Mamas will include something special in each shipment.

Be sure to mark APRIL 3, 2009, on your calendar and Toodle-do lists. That's the first day you can sign up for the very special club. The first shipment won't go out until June, but don't be a turtle and wait until then to sign up. The slots will be long gone. After all, Mean Girls are hot.

So embrace your inner Mean Girl. Heck, let your inner Mean Girl bust loose and get her groove on. Check out the Mean Girls' Yarn Club blog to find out how you can sign up.


mehitabel said...

Do you think we'll do a good enough job of promoting the MGYC that we'll wind up with not enough room for US?? Ah well--I've got info on my blog too, along with adorable baby pictures. I'm mean, all right!

KnottyLa said...

OMG, Ida, have I told you lately that I love you?

Of course I haven't. Wanna know who? cuz I'm MEAN!

Sara said...

Omigosh! I think 75% of my posts are thoughtwritten. I"m not crazy! Thanks for validating me! lol