Friday, June 30, 2006

In Time of Crisis--Knit

We're cleaning up from the biggest flood we have had in years. I mean "we" as in the royal sense, as my immediate area suffered no damage. Helicopters keep flying overhead, but now they are ferrying government-types over the area to survey the damage. Just a few days before they were rescuing people from their homes--and their rooftops.

The morning of the flood, I was glued to CNN, listening to what was happening in my area. I have been knitting pink scarves for the American Cancer Society, but I wanted something more challenging to keep my hands occupied. So, I started the Cocoon Jacket from Trish Designs. There were a couple of things about the pattern that I just could not understand. Nevertheless, I plunged ahead, and when I got to the parts that made me nervous, they suddenly seemed clear. The project is going to take quite a while since I'm kind of a slow knitter, but it's fun.

This project has also taught me two things. First, I have to inventory my yarn supply. I'm tired of buying yarn I already have. Though, you can't have too much yarn--it's just not possible.

Second, I need to break out of the box in my yarn selection. Yes, I have all kinds of yarn (though most seem to be from Lion Brand), but I seem to always pick out the Homespun. This means, of course, that I have to go buy yarn each time I do a project. My next project is going to be something other than Homespun. Oops. I've already bought yarn for my next project--a hooded sweatshirt designed in Homespun. I'll find a non-Homespun project--I promise.

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