Saturday, July 29, 2006

New E-Mail List Announcement

I am a big girl (some might even say a very big girl), and I love to knit. But, it can be hard to find patterns that flatter--or even fit. It can also be hard to find knitting-related e-mail groups that deal with this. There are a couple, but there's room for one more: Big Girls Knit Too. Come and join me and hopefully many others who share those characteristics. We'll learn from each other and, though we'll try to stay on-topic, well, I can't say we won't stray.
Big Girls Knit Too is a Yahoo group. If you have trouble finding us, let me know (


Gramma said...

I couldn't read the beginning of your top post because the blogger heading is covering it. However, I was able to look at previous posts. I was referred generically by an online friend knitting for the red scarf project. So I have taken down the info and will see what I can do to help.

Maggie Ames said...

I can't find you, Ida...I tried to join using the addy you had in your email, but it wouldn't let me join.