Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Definitely not too much

I love knitting socks. Once I found a way to do it without the dreaded DPNs or the seam necessitated by using two needles, I was hooked. And I look for every excuse I can find to knit a pair of socks. So, when I discovered Socks of Summer 2008, I quickly signed up. At 12:01 June 21, we can cast on and knit socks to our heart's content. In preparation, I went sock yarn shopping. Above is my sock yarn stash--well, at least the layer you can see. There's a lot from my LYS Spin a Yarn, as well as a healthy dose of Knit Picks yarns. You'll find Felici, Happy Feet, Smooshy Sock, Trekking, Maizy, and Essentials, as well as multitudes more. I'm also waiting on a skein of hand-dyed sock yarn in a gorgeous lime green and blue colorway. I think I'm in sock yarn heaven.


Kim said...

Ooooo! I would love to have at least have of that yarn. I only have a couple of skeins of sock yarn here. Oh elast I have some!

I was thinking of doing the Socks of Summer until I remembered that I signed up to do the 52 Pair II which starts around the same time. I guess I could combine them but I just haven't decided.

Thanks for sharing your "eye" candy with us. :)

Ida said...

And to think mine is a mere pittance compared to some who are participating in SoS