Saturday, March 14, 2009

In Whose Opinion? Part II

I just watched Knitting Daily on my local PBS station. I'm not a big fan of the show, but where else can you find a TV show about knitting at 7:00 on Saturday morning? I can overlook a lot to get my knitting fix.

But, I can't overlook everything.

Today's theme was asymmetry, which was interesting. Or rather, it could have been. They showed most of the examples lying on a table. This made it very difficult to see what they meant. But then, I've often complained about how things are presented on that show.

But I digress.

Today's Q&A was about choosing sweater patterns that are flattering to one's particular body type. Now, this is something I'm interested in, and I know many other knitters, crocheters, sewers who are concerned about this as well. So, my complaint is not about discussing the topic on the show. It's language. When discussing what is more flattering on a woman with a larger bust, the hostess said, "Women with too big a bust," or words to that effect. "Too big a bust" is an accurate quote. The model, whose bust was bigger than the previous model's, would not be considered by many to have a big bust, let alone one that is "too big." And anyway, who's to say what is "too big"? "Too big" implies that something needs to be done about it. Was the hostess implying that the model needed breast reduction surgery?

When she wasn't making such blatantly stupid comments, the hostess resorted to using the work "should." I really wish I had counted how many times she said that someone with a particular figure feature "should" do this or "should" do that. For example, if you have large hips, you "should" wear dark colors on the bottom. Those of us with that characteristic has been told that for years. And, there is truth that some may find a dark bottom to be flattering. But, no one has the right to say that I "should" wear a dark color at the bottom. Give me the facts, but don't tell me I should--except that I should wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and make me feel good.

Large people, don't be afraid of color. Wear what makes you feel good physically and mentally. After all, a large person in black looks still looks like a large person, but one who is trying to look smaller. If this works for you, fine. But don't do it because someone else says you should.


ckknitter said...

Agree (1)

Eileen said...

Bravo! I agree with you 100%

Beverly said...

Very well said. I couldn't agree more!

Nan said...

Absolutely! I am beyond tired of the prevailing attitude that there is something wrong with you if you are not rail thin and chest-less. I wish we could organize a revolt against that sort of thinking.

Daniele said...

I also don't like when they have models in magazines that are "plus" size models and which are definitely NOT.

And my husband would definitely concur that no-one has too big a bust.... Heck, I am at least 30 pounds overweight and am just fitting my size B cup.. Heaven Help me. :)