Monday, March 02, 2009

When I Rule the World . . .

the first thing I'm going to do (well, one of the first anyway) is to standardize colors. I love color. Though my wardrobe is rather color limited, my socks stand out. One of the reasons I wanted to learn to knit socks was so I could you the colorful sock yarn that is available.

But, as much as I love color, that's how frustrating it can be. Case in point. I'm designing a very special sock. I need to use teal, so I went to the LYS to buy yarn. The teal is nice, but as I looked at it once I got home, I wasn't sure it was what I really wanted. So, off to the Internet I go, stopping at Knit Picks. I was using Palette for a sock in progress, so I looked there. One of the offerings was called Teal. How appropriate. It looked a bit greeny, but then I know that colors can be off on computer monitors. Heaven knows I've ordered tons of yarn from them, and not once was I disappointed.

Until now.

When I opened the box, there it was: forest green Palette. No, wait. The label says it's teal. Well, it's not like any teal I have ever seen. I'm back where I started--no teal. Someone suggested a Knit Picks yarn that is more teal (though it's not called teal), but I'm hesitant to order. I may end up dyeing my own. Worse things have happened.

That brings me back to my first edict as Ruler of the World. Each color would have a basic formula. For example, green would contain a specified amount of blue and a specified amount of yellow. Anything combination that deviated from that could not be called "green." If Knitting Purls came up with the color, it could be called Knitting Purls Green, but it could not be called just green. That way, there would be no question what you would get when you ordered something in a specific color. Of course one must allow for the differences in color depending on the surface to which it is applied, but we would live with that. I just want teal to be teal.

Who would make up the specific recipes for the colors? Frankly, I don't care. Pantone seems a logical choice, but then, I don't care. I just want what I want. And remember, it's all about me.

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Daniele said...

You go girl! Teal should be teal!