Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Herman and Toilet Paper

This is Shubacoons Herman McMunster, one of my Maine Coons. He's a handsome boy and weighs about 23 pounds, and it's muscle. Everyone loves him--well, except for those who are somewhat intimidated by his size. And, by the way, most of those are men. He's regal.

Well, those at the vet's office like him, but if I'm there. When I have had to leave him, Herman has bitten the vet at least 3 times and destroyed multiple pairs of Kevlar and leather gloves. If I'm there, he's fine. They've often remarked how they've not seen a cat who behaves so differently when his mommy is or is not there.

He's a big, ole mama's boy. One might even call him a wimp, but then I'd have to hurt you. You might ask why he's lying in the hood of a litterbox. I'm glad you asked. Hermie is claustrophobic. He will not use a covered litterbox. And believe me, there's more than enough room in the one we have for the boy.

Hermie is also afraid of the moon. Well, at least the full moon. We were sitting on the bed one night, and when he saw the full moon, he got all agitated and hid his face in my armpit.

And Herman is a licker, not a scratcher or biter. But, he only likes the taste of my right hand/arm. Go figure.

Yes, he may be odd, but he's my oddity, and I love him.

Toilet Paper: There's Got to be a Better Way
I went to the market the other day. On my list, as is frequently the case, was toilet paper. I hate buying toilet paper, but I can't adopt the left hand and a bowl of water method of potty hygiene. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, just as long as there are alternatives, I'll pass.

I want to know when my market decided everyone had to buy the package of double-sized rolls. No one asked me. Oh, I can buy the smaller size, but only in single rolls. Not everyone's TP spindles comfortably hold the double-sized rolls. And besides, perhaps someone can't afford a package of double-sized rolls during a trip to the market. Oh yes, tell me that in the long run, you save money with the larger rolls. That's not helpful if you have $3 in your pocket and the package of double-sized rolls is $4. Sure, you can buy the single roll, but it's almost $2. Sometimes I think the toilet paper people are in cahoots with the tampon and pantyliner folk. We are, in some ways, a captive audience. There has to be a better way.


Daniele said...

Okay - I'll come clean. I LOVE the double rolls, only because they last longer. I have a roll in almost every room of my house. Being allergic to EVERYTHING, including wool, I'm constantly blowing my nose. Kleenex is WAY too expensive for that.

Herman is gorgeous and a lover. The oddities are what makes them our own. :)

By the way, I'm, of course, not allergic to any kind of food....

Ida said...

I want the option of buying the regular-size roll, that's all. I'm not pushing for a ban on double rolls.

fiberfollies said...

Herman is completely gorgeous. I have such a weakness for the reds. And the MCs. sigh.

I won't go into the tp marketing schemes.